E-learning course “Beyond the Prison Bars”

E-learning course “Beyond the Prison Bars” is a series of educational podcast episodes dedicated to understand the criminal, act of crime and the correctional system as such. Everyone is invited to understand mentioned and often avoided terms by going through three different phases: life before the crime; life in prison and life once released. Each phase contains unheard stories and has unseen angles that will be discussed and presented in each episode by interviews both with convicts and experts of the field (e.g. scientists, psychologists, writers, law officers, activists, etc.)

This podcast is meant for youth workers and everyone who wants to understand the field better as well as for youth & social workers, willing to work in the field and help the ones imprisoned. For this reason, each episode is accompanied by useful links to continue broadening the knowledge via videos, articles, and books.


Here you can find all educational podcast episodes


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