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About us

Hi, I’m Clifford Legodi – a youth worker from Diepsloot. I’ve been working with people in need in the poorest neighbourhoods of Johannesburg for 5 years already.

Now I’m starting community tours around Diepsloot township to make an even bigger impact. They will help you experience the local life, understand the challenges we face, as well as contribute to making lives better.

Learn more about this enriching experience below.

Safety: the tours are given by trained local guides. Their presence & knowledge of the community will ensure safe experience at all times.

Ethical tourism: respect & benefit to the community is our bottom line. Thus, the itinerary includes meaningful activities & reflections.

Impact: the tours are organised with the local community in mind. All the profits are used to provide better services to the youth of Diepsloot. See more below.

Tour & itinerary

Visit the iconic Diepsloot township together with a local. The 4 hour tour will cover the following:

  • A local NGO working with youth in need (training life skills);
  • Different areas of Dieplsoot township (to learn about its history & culture);
  • Local markets;
  • Public spaces, where you’ll meet and interact with locals;
  • Reflectios & brainstorming after the tour.

People impacted in the past 12 months

Your contribution allows our organisation (Southern Africa Youth Project) to provide better services to more youngsters from Diepsloot. We support them through life skills, entrepreneurship, IT & other trainings. Which gives the youth an opportunity to get employed and stay away from trouble.

Fair prices

Diepsloot Community Tour
4 hours experience of the local life & culture

from R495 / €30

  • Group size: 1-20
  • Tour takes place: Mon-Sat
  • Tour guides: trained locals
  • Meals: included


  • positive review  What a nice tour we had! I expected just a regular sightseeing tour which could show some bits of the local life, but it was something more than that. Visiting local NGO, having traditional lunch and discovering the way of living was interesting. But people we met on the way was what made our time spent in Diepsloot really special. Even though they live in very poor conditions, they kept on generously awarding us with smiles and friendly conversations. I left Diepsloot full of emotions, as this visit reminded me that being happy is actually more simple than it seems. If you want to have go off the tourist paths and have a truly authentic African experience - Diepconnecto is a must for you!

    Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė Avatar Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė
    September 22, 2019

    positive review  The whole experience was wow! Clifford and guys from "Souther Africa Youth Project" (a local NGO) really did a great job. They showed us around, taught about the local community, etc. All in all, the tour was enriching. It's done by locals for locals. After the tour we had a reflections session, as well as brainstorming on how to contribute to the neighbourhood. Which is something new and I'd say a must for such tours. Much recommended!

    Gedas Kondrackis Avatar Gedas Kondrackis
    September 22, 2019
  • positive review  The tour gave me so much emotions. Walking through different conners of Diepsloot with local tourguide, I had the chance to see and experience real life of people here. It's not about the dangers that I have been warned before coming here. It's about how warm and friendly the citizens make me feel. I will never forget how the kids running to me, giving me a lot of hugs and kisses, and telling me "You are so beautiful". Wow, I love that ! and playing with kids always makes me feel like Im a kid again. Visiting local NGO, see how youth work, develop and head to a better future, which makes my heart shake a lot. Come there and feel their music, their enthusiastic dance and you will know what sheer happiness looks like. They dont need to have much money to be rich. I also had chance to visit local market, talking to people there, understanding more about their daily life. Also local beer is wonderful kaka. All of those moments still make me feel moved when I am writing these words, which I wouldnt have if I didnt take this tour. Much much recommended for whoever love real experience !

    Hà My Nguyễn Avatar Hà My Nguyễn
    September 28, 2019

    positive review  People in Diepsloot is really friendly and welcoming. You should totally take this tour to support the local development of this community. Don't be afraid of discovering it.

    Nathaly Nicho Quezada Avatar Nathaly Nicho Quezada
    September 24, 2019
  • positive review  What a day we had in Diepsloot... We got to see the real life of Africa in this magnificent township. The locals are super positive and welcoming towards the tourists. We had a chance to talk to them, play cards, taste local food as well as play football with the kids. Totally worth it!

    Justinas Liaudinskas Avatar Justinas Liaudinskas
    September 22, 2019

    positive review  I love the vibrant colours, friendly people & especially their dances! Diepsloot is super attractive and amazing to discover!

    Ngoc Anh Pham Avatar Ngoc Anh Pham
    September 22, 2019
  • positive review  I really enjoyed spend time with the diepsloot community, they are really friendly people. We did some fun activities and we share a lot of experiences ❤️🥰

    Jorge Gonzales Avatar Jorge Gonzales
    September 22, 2019

    positive review  The energy that you get from the local people is amazing. No words can describe the feelings that this tour gives you. From knowing the awesome community work that SAYO does and the positive impact in their citizens and future generations is such an overwhelming experience. 100% recommended!

    Yazari Moreno Avatar Yazari Moreno
    September 23, 2019
  • positive review  What an amazing tour - one of the best experiences of my life! We've been walking around the district, which is really poor when it comes to standards of living.. However, at the same time you understand how rich are the people. Rich in terms of smiles! All of the locals coming from different parts of Africa are really welcoming and warm. During the tour we've visited a local NGO, played around with kids & youth, went throughout different parts of the town and tasted the local food. It's also nice because you can help the people out there by trying to motivate them to achieve something more.

    Paulius Jurgutis Avatar Paulius Jurgutis
    September 22, 2019

Come & Support Diepsloot

clifford@southernafricayouth.org | +27 (0) 78 637 0815 | Office Hours: 08:30-17:30 | Address: 6863 Peach Road, Diepsloot

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    Best regards, Clifford Legodi

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