Impressions from South Africa, by Duc

Impressions from South Africa, by Duc

Impressions from South Africa, by Duc 1430 953 2nd Chance

Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project “Second Chance” project – Unforgettable seminar in South Africa


I could never think of visiting the prison which I had a chance to visit in South Africa during “Second Chance Project”. I was very excited when first entering the prison. It was like what I had seen on the movie. The buildings, prisoners, staff, etc. were amazing. It was like a small community with more than 2000 people from different countries living together. And one thing I noticed was that all the security guards did not have anything to protect themselves while working there. All of them were so friendly to us and showed us around the prison. What impressed me a lot was the study building where prisoners have lectures and lessons from teachers.

And this is not everything yet. As a participant, I had lots of chances to visit different local NGOs which support local students and local people to give them the chance to make a better life. Many soft-skills training courses were provided with basic facilities. Local NGOs have lots of difficulties to overcome but they keep going and doing good work for the community.


We, as participants of “Second Chance”, also had  the chance to join few local festivals to see more about the local cultures. Lots of smiling faces, lovely dances and colorful costumes. And yes, I definitely want to come back to South Africa to see and experience more in the future…”

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