Reflections from Peru, by Ngoc Anh

Reflections from Peru, by Ngoc Anh

Reflections from Peru, by Ngoc Anh 1758 1299 2nd Chance

The “Second Chance” seminar held in Peru in January 2020 was a great experience for all participants from Peru, Lithuania, South Africa & Vietnam. Many of us believe it is a precious opportunity that can only happen with the support of friendship, kindness, and dedication.

Peru treated me very well, there was no time that I did not feel warm and appreciated by local people, from the female driver who welcomed us at the airport on the very first day to all amazing and colourful performances by ex-drug users and prisoners. Together with my friends, I visited 3 prisons, a rehab center, an art community for street kids… that I never dared to dream of before. It was my honor and pleasure to listen to their sharings about lives, difficulties and also love, hope for a brighter future. I felt like they gave us so much: meaningful lessons, friendly smiles, positive energy, belief in the good of human and nice food – a prisoner tried to have us eat his cakes – and they were super tasty!

I was in Lima and Cusco – 2 famous cities in Peru. Each of them has its own unique beauty, Lima is neat, well-planned, modern and old at the same time with historic buildings built years ago while Cusco, located among majestic mountains, is greener and more chilling. Peruvian food is perfect – I really enjoyed it!

If it had not been for “Second Chance”, I would not have been able to travel to Peru and get that eye-opening time. I learned more about the world, had my heart and brain enriched. Having come back from Peru, I got more motivation to continue helping people and becoming a better person. I am loved, I am blessed.

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