Final Event in Vietnam

Final Event in Vietnam

Final Event in Vietnam 1200 800 2nd Chance

On Thursday, July 16, Center for Sustainable Development organized a dissemination workshop for almost 30 Vietnamese youth from different universities and organizations.

The workshop was to introduce to the audience the beautiful meaning of the Second Chance project as well as how rich the experience all project participants gained from the seminars in Vietnam, South Africa and Peru.

From vivid sharing of Ngoc Anh and Que Nguyen (2 Vietnamese participants of Second Chance project), Vietnamese youth had a chance to learn about the life of (ex)offenders, raising awareness of society about them, thereby assisting them in community reintegration and avoiding committing crimes. Vietnamese participants of the Second Chance project also excitedly shared about their precious and eye-opening adventures, which impressed and motivated everyone.

To enhance the awareness-raising component of the project, a SOcial Shock (SOS) design contest was also held to make people aware of youth delinquency and support young ex-offenders reintegrate back to society. Organizers received great pieces of work from the participants and cannot wait to show everyone in the near future!

“Second Chance project is appealing, very specific in topics and activities. I never had a chance to take part in such a project so it is amazing to listen to those who did.” – Nhu Quynh, a student from Hanoi University – one of workshop participants, said.

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