Impressions from Vietnam: Ha My

Impressions from Vietnam: Ha My

Impressions from Vietnam: Ha My 864 575 2nd Chance

“Dear whoever read this, have a good day!

First, I want to say that I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in Second Chance training course.

As my very first experience working with international people in NGO environment, I learn a lot from all members. The most obvious thing is diversity in culture, because we come from four different continents. I listen to their daily stories, their viewpoints on life, their life goals. All the differences make life more beautiful. However, ultimately, no matter how different we seem in regard of culture, skin color, we are humans, we appreciate humanity, love, compassion.

In addition, joining this training course, I have chance to meet groups of vulnerable people in the society, such as IDUs, female sex workers, street kids, the elderly and kids at Hoa Binh social work center. I have been working with group of sexual violence victims, I know how difficult it is to stand up and fight for themselves and other disadvantaged people. There must be a powerful transformation in their mind to decide to raise their voices. It is really good to have chance to listen to their stories, to see how they overcome hardships and social prejudices, to know that their mental health is fine.  After this meeting, I understand more about their real circumstance, feel more sympathetic, feel more urging to fight for equality, to live in a world where war and judgement is out of date.

Moreover, I have the opportunity to meet several NGOs in Hanoi, which I would not know without this project. It is my initial step to know NGOs, to learn from their achievements as well as hardships, in working towards sustainable development goals. Thanks to Second Chance, I see more, experience more, know more about what I want to do and what I should do in my life journey.

Last but not least, this training course brings me some very good friends. I meet some friends who have the same vibration with me, share common viewpoints on life, which I really appreciate. To me, it is very beautiful to meet people who can make strongly mental connection. And the trip to Ha Long Bay is wonderful. Work hard, play hard, which is the best.

About the favorite photos, I like all of the moments, but if I have to choose:

I like it because I like the energy from this picture. All of us stand surrounding the fire, dancing together, emitting high vibration.