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2C Public Exhibition 1000 667 2nd Chance

2C Public Exhibition

2C Public Exhibition in Vilnius city centre 2C photography exhibition “On Goodness” transforms Vilnius into an open-air gallery  The second wave of COVID has stopped the cultural life and locked most Lithuanians inside. Yet 2nd Chance project and its coordinating organisation, Integration Center, have found a way to bring the art back to people’s lives…

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International final event 1000 539 2nd Chance

International final event

As COVID-19 activities affected the whole world, not surprisingly, it affected our “Second chance” project as well. Instead of gathering all together from Lithuania, South Africa, Vietnam and Peru in Vilnius, Lithuania, having the massive conference and live discussions with experts from academic, NGO and governmental sectors, we had to find creative ways to finalize…

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The Art for the Prevention of Risk Behavior in Youth 1200 800 2nd Chance

The Art for the Prevention of Risk Behavior in Youth

With the participation of vulnerable youth of  “La Nueva Semilla”, “Second Chance” project organisation “Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru” carried out the educational activity “The Art for the prevention of risk behavior in Youth”. In these workshops, they worked with artistic dynamics to identify the potential of art in the prevention of violence in…

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Sports Day at Vietnam Friendship Village 1000 668 2nd Chance

Sports Day at Vietnam Friendship Village

On Saturday morning, November 28, 70 young children and adults from Vietnam Friendship Village* and 50 volunteers excitedly participated in the Sports Day organized by CSDS with the co-sponsorship of Second Chance project co-funded the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The weather that day was very beautiful. While the sun was shining warm, we…

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Local event in Peru 1000 750 2nd Chance

Local event in Peru

To spread the idea of the “Second Chance” project in Peru to target audiences, the Peruvian team organised local workshops. Together with vulnerable youngsters, they worked through artistic education, channeling emotions for the development of soft skills to prevent youth violence in Villa Maria del Triunfo, one of the districts ranked in the top 10 with…

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Final Event in Vietnam 1200 800 2nd Chance

Final Event in Vietnam

On Thursday, July 16, Center for Sustainable Development organized a dissemination workshop for almost 30 Vietnamese youth from different universities and organizations. The workshop was to introduce to the audience the beautiful meaning of the Second Chance project as well as how rich the experience all project participants gained from the seminars in Vietnam, South…

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Job shadowing in Vietnam for 3 weeks 5108 4000 2nd Chance

Job shadowing in Vietnam for 3 weeks

Day 1 22 hours of traveling and I am in Hanoi. Huyen Nguyen greeted me and we drove to volunteers house where I will be accommodated. On the first day, I’ve got to meet people from CSDS organization, volunteers from all over the world, got some information about house rules, and settled in my room.…

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Reflections from Peru, by Ngoc Anh 1758 1299 2nd Chance

Reflections from Peru, by Ngoc Anh

The “Second Chance” seminar held in Peru in January 2020 was a great experience for all participants from Peru, Lithuania, South Africa & Vietnam. Many of us believe it is a precious opportunity that can only happen with the support of friendship, kindness, and dedication. Peru treated me very well, there was no time that…

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Reflections of South African Team 1430 953 2nd Chance

Reflections of South African Team

Second Change Project The Second Chance project- an Erasmus+ Capacity Building one funded by European Commission is the joint efforts of four participating partners from Lithuania, Vietnam, Peru and South Africa. The project aims to help prevent young people from re-offending while improving youth work methods of crime prevention and re-integration. With country partners from…

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Impression from South Africa, by Ngoc Anh 1334 994 2nd Chance

Impression from South Africa, by Ngoc Anh

From September 16 to September 24, 2019, together with other participants from Vietnam, Peru, Lithuania & South Africa, I happily took part in a seminar of “Second Chance” project held in South Africa. The journey has left me beautiful memories and meaningful lessons since I experienced the most authentic and colourful life of local people.…

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