Knowledge | Key competences | Tools
The Training Courses aim to provide youth workers from Lithuania, South Africa, Peru and Vietnam with knowledge, key competences & tools related to prevention of youth crime.
Overall participants will:
  • Learn more about youth delinquency, the most common reasons for it and what are the well-known means for combating re-offending of young people;
  • Explore and create new youth work practices aimed at helping young-offenders to reintegrate to the society and prevent from committing further crimes;
  • Create sustainable community projects & social initiatives addressing prevention of youth crime & re-integration of young offenders;
  • Learn practical ways how to change young people perception towards prisoners & how this knowledge could be used in youth organizations;
  • Learn how to combat marginalization of youth offenders & how to reach wider audiences in spreading the project’s message further.
Apart from that, outcomes of this project are expected to nudge every participant to be more tolerant and contribute to greater social inclusion. Thus, they will learn many soft skills.
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